Stories & Features

Harmony: The Dynamics of Love

Jackie Korpela found love in unexpected ways. She’s a fierce wife, mom, and girlfriend. Learn more about the harmony in her life.

Building a Community of Warriors

Shae Tozzo, co-owner of CrossFit Zoo with her husband Dave, has been in gyms nearly her entire life. She’s building a community of warriors.

A Hero’s Quest: The Heart & Science of Transformation

Chris Cahill helps people find their inner hero and Trevor Bonnell helps you find the money. Together, they are Q4 Quest.

Retired Nurse Now Enjoys Serving You Breakfast

If you are a weekday customer at Chelsea Coffee Company, you may have noticed Nancy Payne making your breakfast orders.

Ocala Hairstylist Breaks Free of the Bubble

Tiffany Ritter proves she’s an everyday hero by putting in the work to rejoin the world. Find out how she escaped the bubble.

Ocala Nurse Cares with Compassion

Ocala nurse leads by example and cares with compassion. RN, Tamara Dillon, shares her story as an everyday hero.

Musician Speaks Up About Depression During Isolation

Ocala musician, Joshua Jacobs, speaks up about depression during the 2020 pandemic. “For an hour, I get to be my perfect self.”

He Shares His Culture Through Food & Gratitude

Full of gratitude is the phrase that bests describes La Cuisine French Restaurant owner, Patrice Perron. Learn more about this chef’s story.

New Ocala Resident Reaching Out

I’m going to prove to you that I am smart, I’m going to prove to you that people will take me seriously, and people love me. -Chiquita Nicole

Childhood Dream Becomes a Reality

That’s one of the beauties of having a small community. People really stepped-up and supported local during that time. It was a huge stress relief.