Stories & Features

Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World

Tikkun olum means ‘repairing the world.’ Kathy Cohen is looking for ways to give back to the Ocala, Florida community.

Kinder Para Pours Her Heart and Soul into the Work

Anne Seufert has always had an affinity towards children. Being a kinder para has been her joy in her 27-yr. career in Marion County schools.

Ocala Ag Teacher Enjoys the Garden Life

Ag teacher, Christopher Roy, enjoys working in the garden and sharing the experience with his Ocala, Florida students.

Teachers Work Closely Together

Annette Garcia and Rhonda Williams are two peas in a pod. Their harmony is evident in all of their interactions, especially as teachers.

Business Leader Opens Doors for Hispanic Community

Esmirna Caraballo is offering a voice for the Ocala Hispanic Community by co-founding the HBC. Read her story in our August 2021 issue.

Finding Balance Through Motherhood

She had continually identified with her career, but that changed with the birth of her son. Krystal Dale finds balance through motherhood.

Harmony: The Dynamics of Love

Jackie Korpela found love in unexpected ways. She’s a fierce wife, mom, and girlfriend. Learn more about the harmony in her life.

Building a Community of Warriors

Shae Tozzo, co-owner of CrossFit Zoo with her husband Dave, has been in gyms nearly her entire life. She’s building a community of warriors.

A Hero’s Quest: The Heart & Science of Transformation

Chris Cahill helps people find their inner hero and Trevor Bonnell helps you find the money. Together, they are Q4 Quest.

Retired Nurse Now Enjoys Serving You Breakfast

If you are a weekday customer at Chelsea Coffee Company, you may have noticed Nancy Payne making your breakfast orders.