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Audiology Brings Family Together at Hear Now, LLC

Audiology Brings Family Together at Hear Now, LLC

Left: Blake Walden, Ernest Walden, Lindsey Skinner
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Ernest Walden, MA., CCC-A has spent his career helping people hear, but becoming an audiologist wasn’t part of his original path. “My undergraduate degree was in environmental health,” he begins.

Voice control systems were just getting started, and the Bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh, P.A. where Ernest was going to work, asked him if he would get a degree in audiology. “I said sure, and as I got into it, I became interested in the clinical aspect of it.”

This changed the course of his career, and, ultimately, resulted in his current business, Hear Now, LLC. “I worked for two individuals doing audiology for a number of years. I had lunch with [Bob Taylor] one day, and he said, ‘You should do this on your own.’”

Ernest began to explore the idea, and in 2005, with the encouragement from his friend Bob, the founder of Combined Insurance Services, Inc., he opened the doors to his business. Ask him what he loves most about being an audiologist, and he’ll tell you, “This is going to sound a little trite, but it really is the chance to help people open up new avenues in their lives.”

His son, Blake Walden, is also an audiologist and part of the business, which feels like a natural progression for Blake. “I used to teach at the University of Florida,” Ernest remembers, “and he was one of our guinea pigs. Anytime we got some new equipment I’d say, ‘Blake let’s go to the office.’ So, the poor guy was around [audiology] his whole life.”

Ernest is delighted to be working with his son, along with his daughter, Lindsey Skinner, who is the office manager. “People ask, ‘Do you get to see your family often?’ I tell them more than you can imagine,” he laughs. “It really is good because it will give me an opportunity when I do retire to pass this on to Lindsey and Blake. It’s a good feeling for a father to do something to help out his family.”

Not only does Ernest get to share his business with his family, but they also share his passion. “Being able to come [to work] knowing I’m contributing to my family and the community, and that I’m helping people better their quality of life is really important to me,” Lindsey confirms.

Ernest, Blake, and Lindsey are looking forward to their continued work with the community and towards a bright and happy future for Hear Now, LLC.

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