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Ocala Ag Teacher Enjoys the Garden Life

Ag teacher, Christopher Roy, enjoys working in the garden and sharing the experience with his Ocala, Florida students.

Teachers Work Closely Together

Annette Garcia and Rhonda Williams are two peas in a pod. Their harmony is evident in all of their interactions, especially as teachers.

Purpose-Driven: Manal Fakhoury

Dr. Manal Fakhoury has dedicated her life to service and knowledge. Learn more about her in this month’s Breaking Social Norms.

Locala Magazine, September 2021

Children and teachers are returning to the classrooms or another structured learning environment. Let’s celebrate our teachers!

She’s Sweeter Than Her Betty Cakes

Kandice D’Aiuto has been the co-owner/operator of Betty Cakes Bakery and Café since 2017, and Ocalans know it’s a staple!

Bakery Celebrates Latin Flavors

For Ariana Lee Caraballo 2020 provided a wide-open door to launch ALC Artistic Bakery. She has not slowed down since.

Business Leader Opens Doors for Hispanic Community

Esmirna Caraballo is offering a voice for the Ocala Hispanic Community by co-founding the HBC. Read her story in our August 2021 issue.

Follow Me: Becky Sinn, Her Voice Fills Ocala with Joy

Becky Sinn has been captivating Ocala with her voice since she was a teenager. She is our cover queen, and August’s Follow Me story.

Hitting the Road: Janet Shelley, Conclusion

“People think, ‘Oh, theater is fun, and it’s fluff.’ No! It’s not! It’s hard work.” Read the conclusion of Janet Shelley’s story.

Finding Balance Through Motherhood

She had continually identified with her career, but that changed with the birth of her son. Krystal Dale finds balance through motherhood.