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Harmony: The Dynamics of Love

Jackie Korpela found love in unexpected ways. She’s a fierce wife, mom, and girlfriend. Learn more about the harmony in her life.

Building a Community of Warriors

Shae Tozzo, co-owner of CrossFit Zoo with her husband Dave, has been in gyms nearly her entire life. She’s building a community of warriors.

Her Experience is Why She Helps Other Women

Kara Mangum’s mission is to provide resources and care packages for women experiencing miscarriage in the United States.

Ocala Nurse Cares with Compassion

Ocala nurse leads by example and cares with compassion. RN, Tamara Dillon, shares her story as an everyday hero.

Shoogie Mama Did Not Set Out to Make Natural Skin Products from Scratch

Shoogie Mama started the journey with a health scare in 2007, after a mysterious lump appeared in the breast tissue under her armpit.

Locala Magazine, June 2021

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