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Gratitude: One Woman Shares Her Vision of Living from the Heart

In 2019, Patricia Wagner stood up in front of the TEDx Ocala audience and gave a talk called Living in Heart-Centered Gratitude.

Let’s Dive In: Lauren Debick

The journey wasn’t so simple for Lauren Debick. She didn’t get to fast forward to her life and become a successful influencer. Read her story!

A True Renaissance Man: The Conclusion of Joshua Mazur’s Story

Story by Lisa Anderson Joshua L. Mazur is a self-admitted over-thinker. Music is certainly his…

Locala Magazine, December 2021

Get 12 Printed Issues in Your Mailbox with a Yearly Subscription Dear Ocala, Glenn Close…

Ocala Businessman Has Faith in Himself to Overcome

Woodly Oralus was on track to success, but life has a way of throwing a few curveballs. Read how Woodly overcame life’s obstacles.

Fitness for Life: More Than Just Working Out

Ocala, FL | Fitness became a lifestyle for Willy Richeson in his late teens. Learn more about this Wisconsin-native’s journey to health.

Follow Me: Joshua Mazur, Conducts a Harmonious Life

Our community is tied by the people who bring inspiration to it, and Joshua Mazur has certainly brought that to the Ocala area.

Owner of Junk Removal Service Builds Something New

Q&Q Removal | Growing up in The Bronx, New York, Tuckson Garnes never dreamed he would one day be a business owner.

Call of Duty: Josh Dinesen

A winding and indirect road brought Josh Dinesen to the helm of First Impressions Printing, a long-standing Ocala business.

The Fiery Chef: Loring Felix

Child of a single, hard-working mother, Chef Felix has dedicated his life to serving others through the most delicious avenue, the kitchen.