Terms & Conditions

Locala Ad Agreement Terms and Conditions


Advertiser agrees to pay Lisa Anderson Media, LLC (LAM), publisher of Locala the set sum of money as noted in Advertising Rates and LAM agrees to publish Advertiser’s Ads (“Insertions”), provided such Insertions are in compliance with this Agreement.


This Agreement covers all Issues as selected by Advertiser in Insertion section of this agreement.

Premium Placement:

Premium placement refers to Back Cover, Inside Covers, and Vertical Half Page Ad by Masthead. Premium placement insertions cannot be canceled once reserved and for the length of this agreement.


Payment is due within 15 days of the invoice date. If amount is not paid when due, LAM may charge a late fee. If payment is not received by the due date, LAM reserves the right to remove the insertion from the publication. Should LAM publish the insertion without payment made, a $200 good faith may be added to the amount owed in addition to any late fees and LAM can require payment in full of remaining balance of this Agreement before moving forward with any further insertion publications. LAM reserves the right to cancel this Agreement without notice and without liability for nonpayment by Advertiser.
LAM does not honor advertising agency commissions or cash discounts. All rates are net.

LAM will honor the current rates for Agreements that include the 12 consecutive issues (12-month contract) without any rate increase, provided this Agreement is renewed without interruption. Should the Agreement not be renewed, the Advertiser will lose the rates the assigned at the time of this Agreement and will be required to pay the rates of any new agreement signed. The rates refer to insertion rates only and do not include production fees or sales tax. 
All payments will be made electronically. An invoice will be emailed to the email address provided on page 1 of this Agreement. The Advertiser will have the secure option to pay via credit card or ACH.

Ad size flexibility is not available with a 12-month contract for premium placements: back cover, inside covers, and half page vertical masthead. It is available for full page, half page horizontal, quarter page, and GIVErtorial.
Hold Harmless:Advertiser agrees to assume all responsibility and liability for any Insertion published by LAM and Locala on behalf of Advertiser and that Advertiser holds harmless LAM and Locala for any and all claims for such Insertions including, but not limited to, tort, copyright, photographic, trademark actions, and errors in copy.

Refusal of Insertion:

LAM reserves the right to refuse any advertisement Insertion including, but not limited to, those not in compliance with this Agreement, considered to be illegal, LAM believes reasonably to be in conflict with or on competition with any LAM or its affiliates’ programs, products, or services. If an Insertion is refused, LAM may substitute, without notice, the last Insertion of Advertiser unless acceptable replacement material is received by LAM no later than final approval deadline. If there is no suitable replacement, LAM reserves the right to remove the Insertion completely without reimbursement for any funds paid by Advertiser.


This Agreement may be canceled by the Advertiser at any time for any reason, upon providing a prior written notice 30 days before publication to LAM, with the exception of Premium Placements, to be effective 10 days after mailing. LAM may cancel this agreement at any time for any reason, upon providing a prior written notice to be effective 10 days after mailing. If cancellation is received on or before the Material Due Deadline/Closing Date, the cancellation will be honored. If the cancellation is received after the Material Due Deadline/Closing Date, the cancellation will take effect upon the next insertion.

Delivery Disclaimer:

LAM is not liable for delays in delivery or non-delivery of publication with Advertiser’s Insertion in the event of an act of God, transportation interruption, work slowdown, Internet or equipment failures, or any events which are beyond the control of LAM.

Laws to be Applied:

Any action brought under this agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Florida and shall be brought in the Courts of Marion County, Florida.

Should it be necessary to enforce this Contract by collection, arbitration or litigation, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs including costs of appeal.

This contract constitutes the full and complete agreement between the parties. The parties expressly agree that there are no other agreements between them, either written or verbal other than those expressly provided herein. The parties further agree that any amendments, assignments or addendums to this contract shall be in writing and shall be signed by the parties hereto.

The parties agree to mediate any potential legal dispute prior to initiating litigation over any matter. Further, the parties waive their right to a jury trial in any such proceeding if pre-suit mediation is unsuccessful.

Special Placement Requests:

Special placement requests including, but not limited to, right-hand read or by a specific department or story, are reserved for full-page Insertions only.

Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis, but Advertisers with a signed Agreement of 12 consecutive issues will be given priority over other requests, despite when the request is made.

A 10% charge is added to the ad rate when a special placement request is made and fulfilled. The increase will appear on the Advertiser’s invoice following the placement. If the Advertiser has no further scheduled Insertions, such as a one-time placement, then the Advertiser will be required to pay the 10% charge prior to fulfillment. If LAM is not able to honor the special request, then the Advertiser will receive a refund for the extra charge within 30-days of publication.