About Us

Because Everyone Has A Story

Locala is a new Ocala community magazine¬†with a focus on human interest stories. Our mission is to focus our stories on the “who” and not about the “what.” We believe EVERYONE in our city has a story.

Lisa Anderson, Publisher

Lisa is the founder of Lisa Anderson Media, LLC, which publishes Locala magazine and multi-author books. She has lived in Ocala since 2009.

Her mission is to create publications to tell the human story and bring people together.

Find her on Instagram @lisaandersonmedia, Clubhouse @landersonmedia, and read her blogs at lisaandersonmedia.com.

Listen to her interview at Pen to Paper Press Podcast.

Melissa Taricic, Sales Representative

Melissa is a proud mother of four children and a local artist. Her current medium is clay.

Find her work on Instagram @Lulli_Bell or on TikTok at The Potters Daughter.

Contact her at localamag.com/contact-us