Breaking Social Norms

Heart-to-Heart: Connecting Business Owners

Ocala, FL | Locala Mag | Jessica Schultz is a tall, confident woman, who wears her heart on her sleeve…on purpose.

Purpose-Driven: Manal Fakhoury

Dr. Manal Fakhoury has dedicated her life to service and knowledge. Learn more about her in this month’s Breaking Social Norms.

Her Experience is Why She Helps Other Women

Kara Mangum’s mission is to provide resources and care packages for women experiencing miscarriage in the United States.

A Look Into Physical/Mental Health in First Responders

Behind the Shield podcast host, James Geering, shares his story and draws back the curtain on physical and mental health in first responders.

Shoogie Mama Did Not Set Out to Make Natural Skin Products from Scratch

Shoogie Mama started the journey with a health scare in 2007, after a mysterious lump appeared in the breast tissue under her armpit.