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In the Moment: This Woman Lost 200 Pounds by Learning To Be Present in Her Emotions

Loss can be brutal on your mind, spirit, AND body. However, Vicki Sheerin had a better idea, to take them back. Read her story here!

Master of Possibility: Retired Colonel Builds Bridges to Change

Colonel Gorham Black (U.S. Army, retired) is fourth generation military, Master of Possibility, and a proponent of change! Read on here.

From the Ashes: One Woman Chose to Rise Up with Integrity & Courage

Jamie Blankenship may have been broken time and again, but her spirit continued to exude perseverance and strength to keep going.

Can Do Spirit: One Man Teaches Us that Nothing Is Impossible if You Have the Right Attitude

Cyle might have been born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, but he was also gifted with something greater, more powerful. A “Can Do” Spirit!

BYOB: Bring Your Own Beverage

The Corkscrew, you know it, you love it, now learn the story behind it! Read Tim and Adam’s story of how they came by this Ocala mainstay!

Healing Techniques: Therapeutic Massage Changed Her Life

In 2004, Andria began to experience numbness, swelling, and pain in her hands. That’s when she turned to therapeutic massage for help!

A Change in Perspective: Ballerina Reflects on her Battle with Chronic Pain

Leighton Okus’ journey was never an easy one, but that did not stop her from facing her challenges head on! Read her amazing story here.

Locala Magazine, February 2022

Ocala, FL | Locala Magazine | Theme: Healthy Heart | Join us as we amp up our health consciousness and strive for a better year!

Shared Suffering: The Conclusion of Julia’s Story

After her brother passed away in 2007, Julia DosSantos knew she needed to get healthy. Read the conclusion of Julia’s story here!

Follow Me: A Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

Julia DosSantos has been doing CrossFit since 2019. Her story isn’t one of extreme makeover or huge feats of strength. It is honest.