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Actor to Producer: Sean Hampton, Conclusion

Actor to Producer: Sean Hampton, Conclusion

Photo submitted by Sean Hampton

“My production career has been very interesting,” Sean chuckles.

Sean Hampton cut his teeth on short films and produced several community feature films. He and a friend co-owned a production company for a few years. During this time, they produced a lot of live wrestling events. “That was really interesting, because it took me way out of my comfort zone. I got into that, because my business partner and I did a movie together, and we started the company because of that movie. It introduced me to the stunt performer world.”

Before the movie, Sean hadn’t been around stunt performers. “It was weird. Imagine a five-year-old that can jump off of walls. That’s what a stunt guy is. They really don’t think they can hurt themselves until they actually get hurt.” He covers his face with his hands. “As a producer, you think, ‘Oh my god, my insurance.’”

The production company was beginning to get some traction, but Sean was tired of being a freelancer. In 2019, he took a position as a producer for The Matt Walsh show at The Daily Wire, a conservative news website and media company founded in 2015 by political commentator Ben Shapiro and director Jeremy Boreing.

In November of 2020, The Daily Wire moved its headquarters from L.A. to Nashville, Tennessee. Most of their employees were happy to pack their bags and move with the company, including Sean and his family. He enjoys working with Matt and his other co-workers. “The company is very open to the employees. If I have an idea, I can develop it and put it through to the right channels. Number one, they will listen, and number two, I’ll get full consideration, and if they like it, we can move forward. They understand the talent they have under their roof and they nurture it.”

Sean, his wife Jennifer, and their two children are now happily ensconced in Nashville. They enjoy the lower cost of living, the landscape views, the family values shared by their city neighbors, and definitely a shorter commute. Sean is also excited by his ability to expand his handgun collection. He’s an enthusiast, and his time at the gun range is much appreciated.

Life is looking bright for the Ocala native, and it is fair to say he is passing on the mindset legacy of his grandparents and parents to his children.

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