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It’s Not Age, It’s Attitude

It’s Not Age, It’s Attitude

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Phyllis Silverman wants seniors to find their place in today’s society. She wants them to “be respected for what they are, what they’ve done, and what they’re continuing to do.” It’s why she first created the non-profit Senior Resource Foundation of Cobb County, while living in Marietta, Georgia.

The foundation had been a success with raising over $30,000 at their final event, which was donated to Meals on Wheels and the new neonatal hospital. So, when Phyllis found herself back in the Ocala area and sitting endlessly during lockdown, she turned to her son Herb Silverman to discuss the creation of a Senior Resource Foundation of Ocala (S.R.F.O.O.).

The non-profit officially formed in February 2021. Their motto and driving force behind all they do is to continuously and positively improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of seniors. Their “secret” motto “It’s not age; it’s attitude” certainly showed at their first fundraising event, Bark in the Park, in October of this year. “I want to involve people in the community, who, perhaps, might be sitting at home. I want to give them an opportunity to come out, to enjoy, and to participate,” says Phyllis.

The event raised $6,000, which was split between Marion Senior Services and Marion County Animal Services.

S.R.F.O.O. also has several projects where volunteers can work with seniors. They include Friendly Visitor Program, Home Repairs for Needy Seniors, Business to Senior Cooperative Program, Senior/Student Lunch Program, and more.

“[One] program is called The Tapestry of Life,” comments Herb. It’s a video show dedicated to collecting the stories of individuals 55 or older, and it has been very popular. “I think it’s nice for the young people, [too],” he reflects. It’s a way to preserve the lives and impact of those who came before us. “Everybody likes to hear stories—real stories,” states Phyllis.

How to Get Involved

Learn more about S.R.F.O.O. and how to get involved by going to their website

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