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Nurse Practitioner Finds Your Pathway to Wellness

Nurse Practitioner Finds Your Pathway to Wellness

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Her faith guides her, and her experience supports her. Tammy Paullin has been in the healthcare industry for over 18 years and a nurse practitioner since 2017. She had a childhood dream to become a neonatal nurse, but as an adult, she chose to work in the emergency room.

In 2020, working at a local practice, Tammy had enough of the traditional healthcare environment. She had patients with amputations and stints, patients who were smokers, and patients with bad eating habits. Medications helping one problem were causing other side effects. She was tired of bandaging the problems. She needed to make a change.

Tammy wanted to open her business. She thought, “I can do this. I can do functional, integrative medicine, which I love. [I can] get to the root of the problem and help people before they get to the stage of getting an amputation or something else devastating.”


She named her new business, Rapha Health and Wellness Center. Jehovah Rapha means “the God who heals.” She chose this name for her business, because she firmly believes God put all the nutrients in the earth we need to help us live a whole and healthy life. “You can have complete healing. It’s not going to come in a bag of pills.”

Tammy’s approach to health is holistic and investigative and is backed by years of experience. Most importantly, she has a genuine desire to help her patients live a healthier life.

When she isn’t helping her patients, Tammy is the proud wife of Navy Veteran David, and mother to three children. Her oldest daughter and middle child are also working towards a nursing career, and Tammy hopes Rapha will, one day, be a family business.

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