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Taking the Call

Taking the Call

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Tom Damron is the Regional Sales Manager for Electronic Payments, a credit card processing company. He’s been with the company for about eight years, but he’s been in the industry for “well over 25 years, but you can say over 20. It makes me sound younger,” he laughs. “I first went into training for it in 1988, and I sat in the class for a week. I decided I didn’t want anything to do with it.”

Tom didn’t feel comfortable with the ethics being taught in the class and decided it wasn’t the right industry for him—that is, until a few years later, when he saw an ad in the paper. “It didn’t tell you what it was. It just told you how great the opportunity was. It turned into a four-hour interview. I told the guy, ‘I’m not interested.’”

However, once the recruiter explained how they did business versus the class Tom had taken in the Eighties, he agreed to give it a 30-day trial. The rest is history.

Not long after Tom began, he received a call from one of his sales reps who was trying to make a weekend purchase while at Shannon Roth’s store, originally located on Broadway Street in the mid-Nineties. Tom received a call from his sales rep stating, “She’s got a problem with a credit card machine. Can you come down here?”

Shannon Roth, owner of Shannon Roth Collection and Olivia & Co. Kids, located on Magnolia Avenue, was using a bank to process her credit cards and there was no customer service on the weekends. Tom answered the call and fixed the problem. “She became a client the next week.”

“You know what,” Shannon muses, “he’s done things like that for me ever since. He’s always there. I don’t take advantage of it, but if I text him with some problem, he answers me back. I have had other people doing my credit cards along the way. You try to call them, and you get six different lines of people. I mean, [Tom] is a godsend. He always takes the call.”

Shannon has been Tom’s loyal customer for over 25 years—trusting his decision when he moved his loyalty to Electronic Payments. He’s very proud to be a part of this company—calling them the best company he’s seen in the industry.

No matter what, Tom’s primary goal is taking care of his customers. “We get constant calls from other companies, wanting us to change our system over,” says Shannon. “No, we’re happy. Take us off your list. Click.”

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