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Putting Compassion into Community Companion Care

Putting Compassion into Community Companion Care

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“I feel there is such a need here. I feel there are people that don’t know agencies like this even exist. It’s hard to think someone might need support or help, [but] if you can just get them to experience it and see how beneficial to one’s life it can be, it would be more accepted.”

Becky Poole taught for over 14 years, spending the bulk of her career in reading intervention for students. However, when she and her husband moved to Florida, the state wouldn’t recognize her teaching certificate. “I felt it was really the time for me to look for something else.”

She spent some time in the school district, but when the opportunity came for Becky to join Community Companion Care, a home-help agency, she jumped. “My background is really nutrition education and not just basic education.”

It felt like a natural transition to Becky. “Life is a journey. You take a lot of different stepping stones to get where you are, but I think your path never ends. I’m in a good place. I’m able to give back, again. Giving back is really important to me.”

The agency tackles any non-medical services a client might need. “Anything from running errands with the client, going to pick up lunch, to going to the hairdresser. A lot of our clients are here without family or have lost their spouse, and so they are alone. We can kind of step in and fill that void by providing them with a person—companionship first and foremost.”

Not having a cookie-cutter service is something Becky is very proud of. “We are very client-driven. Every client’s needs are specific to them because everybody’s needs are different. Our caregivers are very passionate for that as well.”

Becky’s title is Case Manager, but she feels her job is so much more than the title implies. “I meet. I greet. I develop care plans. I also interview caregivers. I do the office piece of our company, but I also don’t want to be so removed from the interaction of our clients that I don’t know what [they] need when [they] call. I’m the first line of interaction they get before the caregiver steps in.

“There are many of our clients that need this, because without it, they would never leave their home, eat a meal, or take their medicine. That’s the piece I get really passionate about, because how can you tell someone that this isn’t something they need to live a fruitful and thriving life?”

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