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Reconnecting: The Conclusion of Angela Boone’s Story

Reconnecting: The Conclusion of Angela Boone’s Story


Angela Boone has loved dancing for her entire life. She began dancing in middle school with typical classes, such as jazz, ballet, and tap, and found her way to ballroom dancing in her adulthood. When she moved back to the Ocala area, after living in northern Florida for several years, dance was no longer at the center of her life. So, in 2020, during the pandemic, Angela decided to start a podcast for two reasons: “One, to rekindle my relationship with dance that didn’t require me to be dancing. Two, I love podcasts. I’m always listening to a podcast, an audiobook, or something of that nature,” she explains.

“The thought behind it was to hear everyone’s story and relate it to dance. Then, talk about things that you wouldn’t necessarily think about that happens in dance. For example, things that happen after you’ve given birth and your body changes, things that happen if you’re self-conscience about the way you look, or maybe you were older and started dancing. You just don’t realize how that can affect someone’s outlook.”

Angela even confesses the color of a person’s skin can also change the way people may interact with a person on the dance floor, and these types of things played a large role in her decision to create the podcast. She wanted to get the stories out there to open people’s eyes. “It’s not just about the movement. There’s a person there. There’s a connection there. There’s more than just choreography or doing the moves right. It’s how you treat people on the dance floor.”

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